SNW S2 E10 - "Hegemony" with Alice Wetterlund

SNW S2 E10 - "Hegemony" with Alice Wetterlund

Strange New Worlds and Open Pike Night are at the end of another season! the Gorn are back and they have brought us to Episode 10 "Hegemony". Alice Wetturlund of the Treks and the City podcast joins us to discuss the terrifying vision of no foreseeable Strange New Worlds...and scary space lizards.

Join us tonight as we travel to a place that looks like 1960’s America that is totally unprepared for their first glimpse of the Gorn, how few special weapons it takes to arm a squad of Gorn exterminators, and which of the OPN hosts would reveal their Gorn Egg-sac status, and which would hide it until it’s too late, dooming us all.

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