SNW S2E9 - "Subspace Rhapsody" LIVE from STLV featuring Anson Mount

SNW S2E9 - "Subspace Rhapsody" LIVE from STLV featuring Anson Mount

Jesse BaileyJesse BaileyCo-Host
Cameron HarrisonCameron HarrisonCo-Host
John T BoldsJohn T BoldsHost

Strange New Worlds and Open Pike Night are LIVE and recording in person from Las Vegas Nevada! Episode 9 is here and John, Jesse, and Cam are filled with the music of Star Trek fandom as we attend our first-ever STLV.

Join us tonight as we discuss the convention, hear from fans and friends their thoughts and opinions about Klingon K-Pop, sit down for a chat with Anson Mount about the Con, Pottery, and the SAG/WGA strike, and prove conclusively that #Mortegas is a real phenomenon.

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